Institute for economics and mathematics.

Institute for economics and mathematics with practical and  advanced learning along with an immersive class experience.

- Safia Zaki (Founder)

About Us

Safia Kinesthetic Learning Academy is a renowned institute which was established on 10th August, 2020 by Safia Zaki. Safia Zaki is teaching since 2012. SKL academy gives quality education to the students. In SKL academy education is focused through practical learning. Students are also given opportunities to develop their other skills which will have a great impact on their academic life and will help them to build up confidence to compete in the hyper competitive world. Both online and offline classes are given with flexible timings for students comfort. Relevant study material is prepared by our experts. Friendly approach is given to the students so that they can have better engagement in class. We provide classes also at the international level. Moral support is also given to the students.


SKL Academy provides educational facility to different levels of schools and graduation. The academy also provides guidance for professional courses.

Why to choose us?

1. Study Materials

Relevant study materials are provided during the course. Study material is prepared by our experienced faculty with reference to the renowned and provided books keeping in view the academic session.

2. Doubt Clearance

Doubt clearing sessions for respective subject are provided at the completion of each chapter. This will ensure the efficiency of students and will provide a much stronger base and hold on each chapter.

3. Experienced facility.

Classes are taken by our highly experienced faculties graduated from different universities across the country. The faculties make sure that every student get clear concept of what they are learning which will help them to understand better.

4. Parent-Teacher conference

Parent-teacher conference is done on semi-annually basis where parents can get a clear and vivid picture of their child’s performance and it also helps them to clear their queries (if any).

5.Psychological Support

Students are provided individual psychological support during the course so that the students can interact and perform better in the class. The motive of the psychological support is to ensure that every students gets the required attention.

6. Online tutorial

The present pandemic situation has taught us many things and it also paved the way for online classes. Online classes are provided for students who can’t reach us and if there is any unavoidable circumstances the students can avail it so that they are in track of their class

Students View

Mantasha Faiz Ling Liang High School

Safia Maam is a very patient, kind, and helpful teacher. She never gets angry with us and she is also very punctual of time. She teaches us in a very easy way I like her way of teaching. She explains all the topics with real-life examples so that we understand the concept clearly.

Zoya Maryam Jazan Science School (Saudi Arabia)

Safia Ma'am is a hardworking and honest teacher. I was looking for someone patient like her for my daughter. Allah kareem i found the perfect tutor. Hoping that my daughter will get benefited from her guidance My best wishes to both of you

Unusha Ahmed Loretto Convent (Entally)

Most of us have a "Maths Phobia". After joining the SKL Academy, Mathematics for class 11 started to be interesting and Safia ma'am made it easy for me. she explains it again, until and unless the entire concept is clear. Thank You Ma'am for your hard work

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